RFM McInnis, Storm Over Lancaster

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R.F.M. McInnis (1942 – )

Storm Over Lancaster (1985)

Oil on board, 12″ x 14″

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R.F.M. McInnis is a prolific artist whose work can be found in prestigious galleries in major cities, as well as in private and corporate collections. He has painted portraits of famous Canadians such as Margaret Atwood, Peter Pocklington, Maureen McTeer and Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, among others.

Born and educated in Saint John, New Brunswick, McInnis received a diploma of fine arts. In the early 1960’s, following a brief career as a newspaper reporter, he was hired as a Royal Canadian Air Force photographer, a post he held for five years. At this time he discovered an early influence: The Group of Seven.

Inspired, art became his livelihood and over the next four decades McInnis criss-crossed the country on a journey of discovery, of himself and of his art. He travelled first to Vancouver, then to Toronto where he established his reputation as a figurative artist. He moved to Calgary during the 1980’s boom where his new artistic expressions-strong landscapes-were highly sought after by corporate clients. He then returned east to Montreal and Ottawa. Alberta beckoned him again in the 1990’s, and first Edmonton, then Fort MacLeod became home for a time. Through these travels, McInnis became deeply connected to the landscapes and the people of Canada.

With a mantra of “essence, simplicity and flat surface,” he strives to respect the integrity of the canvas by using brushwork to create a feeling of flatness. He provides just enough information that the subject has impact, but without giving everything away.

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