Paul Kavik, Standing Fox

Paul Kavik (1948 – )
Standing Fox

Sanikiluaq (Belcher Islands), Nunavut Territory, Canada

$1200 CDN

Steatite stone
13.5″ x 5″ x 5″
(34 cm X 13 cm X 13 cm)
Reference #C-0773519A

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Paul Kavik is one of the most renowned and established Inuit artists alive today in Sanikiluaq. He has been carving for almost 40 years and has been represented in countless art exhibitions around the world. His pieces are very sought after by art galleries on a global scale. Paul Kavik is a very dynamic carver in that he will carve just about anything. He prefers to carve animals and birds, such as dogs, wolves, foxes, loons, ducks and polar bears. All of his carvings are real masterpieces and are highly appreciated by collectors.